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Now Working with the Mayne Gallery in Kingsbridge, Devon!

I am delighted to announce that my work is now available for purchase (and already selling!) in the wonderful Mayne Gallery in Kingsbridge, Devon. Thanks so much to Emily and Jane for a lovely visit and for taking my work on in the first gallery in the South West to feature my pieces. You can see more of the gallery's artists and of course my own via the following link:

As seen in...House and Garden Magazine!

A small advert for my work has been featured in this month's House and Garden magazine. I was approached by the editors who found my work online and wanted to include it in the magazine! You can see it in 'The Art Edit' section on page 177 in the May 2019 edition, although you may need a small magnifying glass!

Cloud Gallery!

A selection of my work can now be found at the lovely Cloud Galleries in Worthing and Chichester. The newest pieces in my 'Reflective Nature' collection continue the theme of marine subjects. You can see them on the Gallery page on this site or by searching under Paul Fearn at the Cloud Gallery page:

No Naked Walls Update - work now on display!

A selection of my work is now framed and available for viewing at
the No Naked Walls Gallery in Bramley. They look great under the
spotlights and amongst all the other art on the walls there. If you are
near the area pop in to see them in real life!

No Naked Walls!

I am delighted to announce that a selection of my artwork, including both large and small pieces, will soon be on display at the No Naked Walls gallery in Bramley, near Guildford, Surrey. The gallery has an eclectic mix of contemporary and traditional, 2D and sculpture, landscape, wildlife and portrait art. More details will be announced here soon, but in the meantime I am hugely looking forward to working with No Naked Walls! Please have a look at the website below to see the gallery and some of the great work they represent!

New Series in Development

Due to the popularity of the small scale series 'Ancient Nature' and 'Kinzoku Koi' I have begun work on another series - 'Zodiacal Nature'. Each of these focuses on an astrological sign but portrayed by the natural world, and sometimes not as you would image - for example the first version of 'Leo' is actually a lionfish rather than a lion. As this series goes on obviously there may be more than one of each sign produced but no two will be the same. Have a look at the Zodiacal Nature page and on facebook/twitter for more as they are added...

Wildlife Artist of the Year Competition Photos

Wildlife Artist of the Year Competition 2018

Well this is my best year yet with 3 pieces selected for the final competition in the Mall Galleries on 1st May. 'Bleach Life', 'Luminous Beings' and 'Rising Flock I' have all been selected. The finalists have been announced and you can see them all here:

Parallax Art Fair 2018

I am excited to say that I will be exhibiting at this year's Parallax Art Fair in Kensington Town Hall, London in July.

Tickets to the event are free and you can book them here:

The event is open on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd July from 11am - 5pm

'Sketch for Survival' UPDATE

Great news! The sketch below, Nubian Nomad, was sold at auction and raised well over £300 for wildlife charity. I have been told that it is now residing in Los Angeles. A well travelled giraffe then!

'Sketch for Survival' piece for the Explorers Against Extinction event

I am delighted that I have been asked, alongside such prominent wildlife artists as Gary Hodges, Ann London and  Pollyanna Pickering amongst others, to donate a sketch or piece of artwork to 'Sketch for Survival'. This initiative is a part of the Explorers against Extinction event taking place in London later this year. I have donated the piece below which should appear amongst the other bids soon at the EAE website:

The piece is called 'Nubian Nomad' and is smaller scale (31cm x 35cm) patina and engraving on copper sheet.

Wildlife Artist of the Year Competition 2017 (update)

A very successful and enjoyable evening at the Mall Galleries. The piece below, 'River Reflections' was awarded 'Highly Commended' status in its category, and also sold at the private view. I hope the new owners will be very happy with their purchase, which also ensured a large donation to the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation to continue their funding of essential wildlife aid work across the world.

Nature In Art: Art In Nature exhibition - Horsham

I have been invited to participate in an exhibition at the Roffey Park Institute with a small number of selected artists and photographers. The exhibition, which runs from early July until mid August and is open to the public, focuses on different approaches to the portrayal of nature by artists working in different mediums.

Wildlife Artist of the Year Competition 2017

I am delighted to say that for the third year running I have pieces selected for the final of the David Shepherd 'Wildlife Artist of the Year' competition held at the Mall Galleries in London. This year I have improved on previous years with two entries ('Catching the Current' and 'River Reflections') selected for the final exhibition and another entry ('I have the High Ground') selected for the online catalogue of available artworks supporting the exhibition.


The competition is open to the public from 28th June to 2nd July. The event is run by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation who do excellent work funding key conservation projects across Africa and Asia. Do go and have a look at the exhibition - entry is free and you can see works by David Shepherd himself! There is always a stunning range of wildlife art, large and small on display and everything is for sale. 50% of all sales are donated to the charity.

Catching the Current (selected for final exhibition)

River Reflections (selected for final exhibition)

I Have the High Ground (selected not hung)

New Series in development - Ancient Nature - April 2017

Following on from (and complementing) the 'Reflective Nature' series I have recently begun work on a new series called 'Ancient Nature'. This came about following a comment about one of my paintings 'Riviera Maya II' which compared it a fossilised Archaeopteryx - that comment prompted me to think about the opportunities for using the metal and patinas to represent rock formations and fossilised creatures, which are of course just as much a part of the natural world as the animals living today.

I have begun experimenting on small scale (20 x 20cm) sheets of metal, primarily concentrating on ammonites and trilobytes which make excellent subjects. It also gives me the chance to really experiment with the reactions of the metals to chemical, heat and water treatments. These will eventually be framed in a similar style to the way that small pieces of rock are framed by museums, making affordable, small-scale artworks. Some initial examples are below - expect more soon! I may go bigger with some of these...

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